Do You Struggle To Create Content For Your Blog? 5 Tips To Get You Going Again

One of the most popular traffic generation strategies for businesses of all kinds is called “content creation”. Basically, writing articles or producing other types of “content” for a business blog or website. However, many smaller businesses and especially individuals who run home-based online businesses, find the demands of high-quality content creation difficult to meet.

Fortunately, there are a variety of simple ways to quickly expand your website’s digital footprint while simultaneously generating traffic and enhancing your authority status.

1. Start Doing Interviews

The easiest way to get more content created as quickly as possible is by doing interviews. You could be the interviewer or the interviewee. While actually getting an interview set up can take a little time and effort, a short 10 minute interview can yield several pages of content. Not only does it lay the groundwork for press releases, short reports, blog posts, and podcasts it also provides a mutually beneficial way to meet other influencers in your market.

2. Take Advantage of Curation

Another way to quickly expand your total volume of content is curation. Content curation has become much more popular over the past two years, however many people fail to recognize its true value. Not only does content curation give you an easy way to quickly create content, but it also allows you to leverage other people’s authority and ideas while adding your own comments and thoughts. The best part is curation can be done in as little as a few minutes per day.

3. Share Customer Reviews

Customers are the perfect source for new content. Their reviews, both positive and negative, as well as general thoughts about a topic, product, or service give you an opportunity to leverage unique content no one else has access to. Even if you borrow customer reviews from other websites, which is common for affiliates, they can be repackaged in a way that makes them unique.

4. Repurpose Old Content

A simple way to quickly expand your content footprint is by repurposing old content. Most blogs and websites will generate a majority of their traffic to new pages. As a result, older content tends to just take up space. Instead of updating old content where it was originally published, you can use it to create new, updated content on a new page. This allows you to keep both the original content where it was and generate new content at the same time. In many cases, you can repurpose old content without changing a word. All you need to do is switch the formatting. For example, you can take a handful of old blog posts and turn them into short PDF files. You can then submit the PDFs to other websites. You also turn them into slideshows or videos with very little effort.

5. Start Accepting Guest Posts

The final way to quickly generate new content for your website is by accepting guest posts. Guest-posting is a popular way for people to gain access to new target audiences. There is no reason not to accept guest posts on your own blog as well. Not only does it give you more content with little additional effort, but it also allows your audience to see different perspectives and inject different voices into your blog.

Content will continue to play a central role in both website promotion and search engine optimization as consumers continue to demand more from online marketers. Simply throwing up advertisements and blasting e-mails to millions of untargeted readers is no longer enough. Fortunately, all five of these content creation strategies can be implemented in relatively little time, yet they will reap big benefits for your website or blog.

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