Make the Burglars Work Harder in Winter!

These days most people are into their techno gadgets and the major advances in technology have meant that home security equipment is easily affordable to the average householder.

Fire though, is no respecter of technology, it will always be a threat. Without fire alarms many personal stories could have a very different ending. Smoke inhalation remains the biggest killer from fire, particularly vulnerable people, the elderly and very young. You can protect everyone you love with a quality fire alarm, smoke alarm, CO2 alarm too. Check them regularly to ensure they work when needed! The best investment you will ever make! And peace of mind. Priceless!!

Free, actually … An effective security system at home and at work, will save you and your business a fortune in time not wasted dealing with the aftermath of a break-in, or worse a fire. It will also save you from lost sleep and increased insurance premiums.

I read about a burglary at a Halfords, the alarm went off, forcing the robbers to abandon their booty and flee. The security system in this store is very effective, and played a key part in foiling the burglars’ plan.

Not only did the alarm bring police to the scene, the CCTV took plenty of photos of the suspects. A detailed description was circulated. The robbers stand a strong chance of being caught and, with CCTV images as evidence, convicted. Result!

So don’t let these ‘professionals’ ruin your day, or your business or even your life. By installing and maintaining a good quality burglar alarm and CCTV system, you will stop thieves in their tracks. That’s why people say that the cost of installing a good burglar alarm system is effectively zero. Simple.

So the clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in. That means jumpers, bonfires and a rise in break-ins.

Long, dark evenings are ideal for opportunists. So stay safe, raise your security during the winter months, and thwart criminals who use the cover of darkness.

Check alarms are in good working order for winter. Burglar alarms, fire alarms, smoke alarms, CO2 alarms and CCTV must all be checked regularly. If you can’t manage it yourself, ask a trusted friend or relative to help, [call ……] or take a maintenance contract with a reputable supplier, it’s money wisely spent.

Here are some other easy steps to keep your loved ones and valuables safe this winter:

Keep valuables out of view.

Think about installing a small safe, for portable valuables like passports, credit cards, cash, cameras, jewellery.

ALWAYS draw your curtains at dusk, before lights on, then burglars can’t ‘window shop’ your home! Dusk is the best time for this, with lights on and curtains not yet closed.

Fit locks on ground floor windows, and any window, however small, that can be reached from a flat surface, a porch or extension roof. These can offer an easy way in.

Triple lock your doors, so they won’t have any ‘give’ if kicked.

Use your locks, keep them locked at all times.

NEVER leave keys in locks, doors or windows. Burglars often use the front door, because the key has been left, helpfully, on the inside. Walking out through the front door is unlikely to trigger alarm.

Outside, burglars don’t like high walls, fences, railings or trellises. They’ll slow them down when trying to escape. They’re not fond of spikey, prickly hedges either.

Gravel is a deterrent too. The look on a thief’s face, caught on CCTV, when they realise they’ve woken the neighbourhood with crunchy footsteps is a sight to behold!!

Let’s face it, the unexpected happens, so be prepared.

Find out more to protect your home and deter burglars this winter.