The Real Secrets Of The Search Engines

By Jeffrey Lucasa

I can bet now that most of the traffic that any given website gets is through the search engines.

One of the smartest things that any website owner can do is actually sit down and really understand all there is to know about the search engines.

There are basically two types of search engines. The first is by robots called crawlers or spiders.

Search Engines use spiders to index websites.

The great thing about search engine spiders is that they will come over to your site and index it as soon as your site is live.

You don’t need to know too much about the spider but just appreciate that it is a program that is running on autopilot.

At the basic level the search engine spiders will be prowling through the web, scanning for all the great content that is on offer by the millions and millions of sites.

Once the information is scanned into the database all of it is stored into a massive database. If you happen to link out to other sites from within your content then the search engine spider will go to those sites too and index them if they are of high quality.

Some spiders will only index a certain number of pages on your site, so don’t create a site with 500 pages!

The spider will periodically return to the sites to check for any information that has changed.

The frequency with which this happens is determined by the moderators of the search engine.

You can literally think of a search engine spider as a book and all it does is go through that book indexing all the great quality information that is on offer.

Google is a great example of a search engine. The reality is that the world wide web is too large and updating all the time so the search engines actually only present information that is in their index.

The reason that different search engines produce different results is because all of them are based on slightly different algorithms.

While using keywords is a great way to get the search engines to know what your site is about, don’t overuse them because it will just lead to your site getting blocked by the search engines.

Truth be told my friend, this is all there is to the crazy world of search engines.

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